Friday, December 19, 2014

On road not taken

Everybody talks about roads less traveled, how they are fascinating and worthwhile. I want to talk about a road that is not taken. How do you know if you have not walked the road that the road would have been beautiful or full of treachery?  You would never know. There is this feeling of a loss, may be a loss of experience more than anything else when you walk away and join the mainstream.

Once you join the mainstream, you blend in, act as if you belong and make no noise so that no one can recognize you, especially the fellow travelers who did not take the road less traveled. You try to avoid them at the same time thinking about the hypothetical scenario of taking that road - you can only romanticize for that choice happen to be in the past.

I certainly do not belong where I am right now but, I am getting domesticated. I will one day become what others are now.  At that point of time, I might belong, I will even enjoy the rat race. How to survive till that point is a mystery. For one missed opportunity - there may be other opportunities coming my way or may be not!